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The first few days of adjusting are tough because your body isn't getting ANY of this REM sleep, and your brain hates you for it. After the third day, or so, your brain figures out that you mean business, and every time you lie down for one of these naps, it dives directly into REM sleep in an attempt to compensate for the deprivation. Do some quick math and that's two full hours of REM sleep, while those who sleep normally are only getting an hour and a half.

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A military base commander called to complain that the weather-forecasting software our company created for them kept reporting 
unexplainable wind shifts.

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None of these make it better. They actually often make it worse. The only thing that might make it better at least temporarily is to look so drop-dead gorgeous in front of the guy that he can hardly control his urge to get in your pants, and to string him along for an entire night only to slam your door in his face when he tries to make a move with the imparting words: 8775 You, piece of shit, no-good, shit-eating asshole, are the one who is ugly as fuck. 8776

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People always have problems defining beauty. They won 8767 t even stop and really meditate about it. They won 8767 t even stop and select their own thoughts. Truth is, that that 8775 ugly as fuck 8776 comment, most likely came from a place of emptiness.

Chemicals in bottles and in sticks and what-not doesn 8767 t define pretty-ness. Heck, the chemicals in your body and brain drive you instead. I don 8767 t wear makeup because I don 8767 t want to (plus it takes away from my studying, dozing, and other important things). And, I believe that you are only as beautiful as you think you are. Another factor is that I think nature is the best remedy to keeping healthy skin healthy. Boy do I love me my Aquaphor, Cetaphil and eczema cream.

I think it 8767 s strange that you said 8775 Just because I don’t wear much makeup doesn’t mean I don’t believe in good skin 8776 , because make up doesn 8767 t make your skin healthy to begin with. Yet I still love you 8767 re article.

Make-up is an unconscious cue to men that the woman who wears it is insecure. The more make up, the less true self worth she has and thus deeming the male superior.

You of anyone can conjure that confidence in other women who see you as not only a powerhouse, but also an inspiration. Always. I love your style, your look, your attitude about all of this. Not something that is easy to maintain in our industry.

Music, like Jurassic Park's raptors, doesn't just attack from one side. That shit brings out a multi-pronged assault. To start, music reduces stress by reducing cortisol levels, a chemical in your brain that causes you to feel stress in the first place. Jazz, bluegrass and soft rock have been found to be especially effective at reducing stress and increasing health because of their similar musical qualities (that quality being that you don't listen to any of them).

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