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Instead of whining and crying about how many people have guns, lets shout about how disgusted we are about how the criminal justice system continually allows felons to obtain illegally purchased firearms, to obtain firearms confiscated in crimes to be used in other crimes. Officials turning people like Trayvon Martins loose on the street so your crime stats look good to the public.

Visualizing gun deaths - Comparing the . to rest of the

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9TH QUARTER: At this point I am a puddle of a man from all the beverages I’ve consumed, and all I can do is let out a pathetic whimper of sadness as the Eagles blow yet another two-touchdown lead late in the 9th. I won’t be right again until Monday morning.

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Joseph S. Takahashi, . is the Loyd B. Sands Distinguished Chair in Neuroscience, an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Chair of the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. His research interests are the molecular mechanism of circadian clocks, neuroscience, and the genetic basis of behavior. [.]

When an unexpected pregnancy develops unexpected complications, a father learns how brokenness can help heal brokenness and reveal the precious fragility of life. Rev. Mike Baughman is a United Methodist pastor serving as the Community Curator at Union, a new kind of non-profit coffee shop in Dallas that exists to care for the well-being [.]

TEDTalks aren’t just for grown-ups anymore. Connecting kids and knowledge in the form of TEDTalks has inspired a youth movement around the world. TED Content Director Kelly Stoetzel gives a passionate talk on the impact these programs have had on people. As the Content Director at TED, Kelly spends most of the year working [.]

Through this initiative we share the history of our people in their voice, as seen through their eyes. We focus on everyday lives of Choctaws through pivotal moments in history, exploring topics such as the Civil Rights movement, boarding school initiatives, and relocation efforts. We gather oral accounts of what it was like to be [.]

Yes. It would be really difficult to establish an operational definition of 8775 freedoms enjoyed 8776 that we could rank countries on, BUT it is indisputable that countries with even more guns freely floating around (Afghanistan, Honduras) would certainly be shown to have LESS individual freedoms enjoyed.

NO assessment of gun deaths can be made without evaluating who is committing the homicides. In this country 6% of the population, black males, commit almost 95% of all homicides. In Chicago it is 75%. Most are with illegal possession of firearms. Remove those homicides as well as those committed by latino bangers and our stats are quite different. So instead of talking about gun control lets talk about who are committing the homicides and why.

Martin L. Camp is the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Adjunct Professor at the SMU Dedman School of Law. After five years as an associate at Hughes and Luce in Dallas and Austin and twenty plus years as a partner at Jones Day in Austin, Kuwait and Dallas I returned to SMU Dedman School [.]

The list above is all third world, undeveloped nations. It 8767 s a shame that we 8767 ve descended to the point that we have to compare ourselves favorably to third world nations in order to defend the indefensible. More accurate would be to compare ourselves to developed, first world nations like Italy, France, Spain, England, Netherlands, Australia, etc. In that regard the . has the highest rate of gun death/injury of all other developed nations.

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