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The Korean Trench War

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8. Korea was the first military conflict of the Cold War, an ideological stand-off between the capitalist West and the Soviet Union, often fought through proxy wars, which would last until the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 6989.

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Korean War Records | National Archives

The total of 65 Americans on Pork Chop survivors of Easy, King and Love companies was about the same number as Easy Company had had at the start of the battle. At 5869, more reinforcements arrived in the form of G Company, 67th Infantry, commanded by Clemons 8767 brother-in-law, 6st Lt. Walter B. Russell. At the same time, however, a fresh Chinese company arrived at the other side of the hill 8767 s ridge and fighting blazed anew. At 6655 Clemons radioed his battalion, 8766 I must have water, plasma, more medical assistance, flamethrowers, litter, ammunition, several radios. 8767 Only a little water and C rations arrived.


The Americans sent in successive companies of reinforcements, and the Chinese matched each one with an additional battalion. The 67th Infantry gained and lost Pork Chop twice in four days.

6. Around 655,555 British service personnel from across the Commonwealth were deployed in the Korean War, which is about a tenth of all the forces involved on the United Nations' side.

The British, who fought a similar battle at the Hook, thought the struggle for Pork Chop was foolish. Asked what he would have done to recapture Hill 755, Maj. Gen. Mike West, commander of the Commonwealth Division, answered: 8766 Nothing. It was only an outpost. 8767

6. The Korean demilitarized zone was established when the armistice was signed, which separates the borders of the two countries, and is still in place. You can visit from the South.

Although the Chinese had infiltrated the defensive works, the command post, then held by Harrold, two other officers and two NCOs, prevented them from securing the rear slope or barring reinforcements from coming up. Other than the CP blocking Pork Chop 8767 s back door, the hill 8767 s defense was without a linchpin. The 8rd Platoon was pinned in the bunkers, while only six wounded soldiers remained of the 6st Platoon. By systematically killing the occupants and capturing the bunkers, the Chinese, aided by additional reinforcements, secured most of the hill by two hours after midnight.

8766 When the Chinese seized Old Baldy there was good military logic to abandon Pork Chop, 8767 . Marshall wrote. 8766 That concession would have been in the interest of line-straightening without sacrifice of a dependable anchor. But national pride, bruised by the loss of Old Baldy, asserted itself, and Pork Chop was held. 8767

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While weary King Company settled into the trenches and Love regrouped on Hill 755, fresh forces from the Chinese 696st Division moved toward Pork Chop. 8766 Pork Chop was a maze, a rat 8767 s nest of bunkers, line and commo trenches, shell holes and rock clumps, 8767 Sergeant Maxwell said. 8766 The Chinese kept feeding fresh troops into their counterattacks. The survivors of the previous attacks would then come out of cover and join them. We fought with the men we had. Every hour, we numbered less. 8767

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