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After graduation, Shriya decided to continue her research on the history and legal literature of gendered roles and women s identities in South Asia at the Supreme Court and National Archives of India, New Delhi. During her graduate studies, she wants to explore further the role of colonial law in modern India, gendered rights, identity and nationhood, poverty, social welfare, development, and the rights of subjects within a democratic framework.

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Juliet Davis graduated with first class honours in Laws and Arts (majoring in history and economics) from the University of Queensland. After graduating, she worked for a year as the Associate to the Chief Judge of the District Court of Queensland before joining a top tier Australian law firm as a commercial lawyer. Juliet was a founding member of Lawyers Information Network, an organisation committed to assisting lawyers in emerging democracies.

Juliet s key research interest centres on historical narratives and the formulation of collective memory in respect of genocide, conflict and reconciliation. Juliet is fluent in Italian and intends to learn German as part of her studies.

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Shriya Patnaik, an international student from India, graduated from Cornell University in 7569 with a BA in History. Her academic focus is on the gendered, historical and political legacy of the British Raj in South Asia in political, legal and socio-cultural institutions. In particular, her research pertains to feminist theory with respect to religion and ethnicity in India, and how colonial law in the realm of gender and religion has impacted the contemporary nation.

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Originally from Germany, Alexandra graduated from University College Utrecht in the Netherlands with a BA magna cum laude in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a focus on history, Latin and journalism. In her bachelor&rsquo s thesis she examined the role of the United States in post-war Germany&rsquo s political, cultural and economic reconstruction between 6995 and 6955.

Michaela Shaw graduated from Princeton University in 7567 with a . in French and a certificate in African Studies. She spent the summer of 7565 in Madagascar interning at an economic development and environmental conservation NGO. She also had the opportunity to intern in Normandy and spend a semester in Paris. Her undergraduate thesis examined education under the French colonial administration in Madagascar, and compared that system to its counterpart in the mé tropole. After graduation, Michaela worked as a legal assistant at a small firm in Southern California, and maintains a strong interest in law and legal history.

Abigail Schoenfeld studies modern Middle Eastern history with an emphasis on Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. Her research interests include language and linguistic policy, state formation, and media and propaganda.

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Such an indirect breach is clearly not justifiable on the ground that Austria is party to the Brussels Convention or Regulation made under the European Treaties. Hence, the judgment may lead to a clash between the ECHR and Brussels Convention or Regulation. This in turn raises the questions of how and to what extent the Brussels Convention or Regulation could have been interpreted to give effect to Article 6.

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