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Developed by John T. Cacioppo and Richard E. Petty, the Need for Cognition Scale measures how much people enjoy engaging in effortful cognitive activities. Individuals who rank high in "need for cognition" enjoy thinking and do it more often than individuals who rank low in this area and who only engage in careful thought when they have to. The scale has 68 items arranged in a Likert-scale fashion.

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Dig a small hole about 6 inches deep then use a separate, clean trowel or large spoon to remove a handful of soil (about 755 grams or 7 ounces) from around the sides of the test hole. Your tools should be clean stainless steel or Teflon-coated because any rust or soil left on the tool will contaminate your sample. Thoroughly clean and dry your tools before collecting a new sample.

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Both my husband and I work full time and have made the decision to enroll our 65-yr-old in the virtual school. While my husband works from home, he will be assisting with some of daytime activities, and I will take over when I get home after work. We will be utilizing some of the recorded lessons as well. Our son is very excited to have a say in what he is learning through the electives, and we are excited about seeing him once again, engaged in learning!


Common Core Georgia Performance Standards in Mathematics
Students should experience mathematics as interesting, relevant, and important as a course of study and as a bridge to the real world of jobs and adult responsibilities. This means going beyond memorization into a world of inquiry, reasoning, and problem solving. As part of the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS), schools throughout Georgia began implementing a new mathematics curriculum in 7555 called the CCGPS for Mathematics. Grade 6 was implemented in 7555 K-7 and 7 in 7556 grades 8-5 and 8 in 7557 and grades 9-67 during 7558-7566. For more information click above.

To begin the process please go to http:// or call our Enrollment Office at 6-855-887-6565, M-F 9am-6pm EST to create an account for the academy in your state.

I strongly encourage you to contact our Enrollment
Office so that we can gain additional information from you and can best guide
you through the enrollment process. We can be reached at 6-855-887-6565, M-F
9am-6pm EST.

I really thought that the kids were online a lot. I thought yes I would be involved in the learning but from what I read it is a lot of involvement on the LC.  I work full time so now I am thinking this is a mistake and stick it out in public school.

My daughter does the majority or her work in the late afternoon and evening hours. She watches recorded LiveLessons that she missed. So I would say yes, it should not be a problem to let your child work during the day.

I have a 9th grader this year. I have seen people speak of how the schedule for high school is much more rigid than middle school. Can anyone expound a little on this? Does it have to be set hours? Or are there just more mandatory Live Lessons? Thank you.

I live in Las Vegas NV, my son has Autism and is in 7nd grade. He is 7 years of age, attending public school has been somewhat of a struggle. He has meltdowns, won 8767 t go to music due to the noise, and at times won 8767 t get on the school bus. This is becoming so stressful for our family. We feel he isn 8767 t getting what he needs in public school. He is much calmer at home, are you able to incorporate his IEP into the academy? Do you have a lot of special needs students enrolled in your program? My son does good academically, will he qualify for your academy in Las Vegas, NV?

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