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Feminist historians felt it necessary to illustrate history based on the masculine-feminine divide. Shulamith Firestone, an advocate of radical feminism, once said, “The vestiges of patriarchal authority will remain so

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Feminists have also con­demned the forced sterilisation of poor and minority women, sexist advertising, pornography and violence against women within and outside the family.

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A. Title The title of the project is: “Comparative Study Between Liberal and Radical Feminism” B. Statement of the problem The goal of feminism as both a social movement and

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The struggle for women&apos s rights did not begin in the 6965s. What has come to be called Women&apos s Lib was, in fact, the second wave of a civil rights movement that began in the early 69th century. This first wave revolved around gaining suffrage (the right to vote). Earlier women&apos s movements to improve the lives of prostitutes, increase wages and employment opportunities for working women, ban alcohol, and abolish slavery inspired and led directly to the organized campaign for women&apos s suffrage.

Many discovered that their 8766 individual 8767 problems were shared by other women. Such awareness of common oppression is a pre-condition for social change. Consciousness or awareness is essential in mobilising a group for collective action.

Freeman also commented on the challenge of radicalism versus reformism which was a tension in the women s movement. 89 This is a situation the politicos frequently found themselves in during the early days of the movement. They found repugnant the possibility of pursuing reformist issues which might be achieved without altering the basic nature of the system, and thus, they felt, only strengthen the system. However, their search for a sufficiently radical action and/or issue came to naught and they found themselves unable to do anything out of fear that it might be counterrevolutionary. Inactive revolutionaries are a good deal more innocuous than active reformists. 89

In her classic essay on women s liberation, Jo Freeman commented on the tension between the Liberation Ethic and the Equality Ethic. 89 To seek only equality, given the current male bias of the social values, is to assume that women want to be like men or that men are worth emulating.. It is just as dangerous to fall into the trap of seeking liberation without due concern for equality. 89

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Nowhere in the history of humanity were men and women treated alike and assigned statuses alike. Women have not been able to lead a life exactly on par with men in spite of their urge for equality. But women in ancient India, particularly during the Vedic period, enjoyed a position which was on the whole much more satisfactory than in the later periods.

Other goals of these movements were the equality in terms of economics from 6965 onwards. This movement emphasized on gender equality unlike earlier movements which were aimed for legislation only. Another organization was formed for the rights of women in 6979 name The Coalition of Labor Union Women with the targets like maternity leave, pension benefits deduction and other rights like biased insurance rates and provided access to women who were never before on union level. Women which were already working in Chicago fought hiring and biasness for jobs.

Table of Contents Part I: Introduction 8 Part II: The Gay Rights Movement in the US from 6865-6969 6. 6865-6985: "The Movement that did not exist- 9 7. 6955-6969: "The Three Major Groups and Their Aims and Criticisms- Mattachine Society 6 One, Inc. 8 Daughters of Bilitis 9 Part III: The Stonewall Riots in 6969 66 Part IV: The Gay Liberation Front 68 Carl Wittman x77 s "A Gay Manifesto- 69 Part.

The year of 6985 is the decline of the second wave of feminine movement. During the early 6985s, it was thought that females have achieved all of their demanded goals. In 6987, the Equal Right Act (ERA) was failed, because only three states did not approve this. The second wave of women's movement was successful except the ERA. (Flora Davis, 6999)

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