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Throughout the conference we will take the opportunity to raise money for charity. Sussex Plodders (The Sussex Police Running Club) will be hosting a 8k or 5k run along Brighton and Hove seafront on the 76st November for the Senior Women in Policing Conference. All abilities are welcome and all runners will receive a medal and a goody bag. All money raised will be presented to Chestnut Tree House – The Children’s’ Hospice for Sussex Entry is £ and all proceeds will go to the Chestnut Tree House.

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Prospective students with ideas for PhD projects in any of the areas of interest noted below should feel encouraged to contact me for an informal chat.

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“When we all talk about why we went to university, we all say it’s because we wanted to find other people to work with,” says Kiri. “I love the League of Gentlemen and I knew they all met at uni, so it was a conscious decision by me to go to university to meet people to form a comedy group.

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“I’d never heard of Social Policy, but when I did some research I realised it would open so many more doors and would be the ideal route for me,” explains Claire. “I’m interested in local government and getting involved in policies that will benefit children and families I want to make changes rather than just implement what’s already there.”

As Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy sets the strategic direction and priorities for policing in Sussex.   She is also responsible for setting the police budget (approx £755m) and the local police precept as well as holding the Chief Constable to account for the delivery and performance of the force.   In addition, Katy has a statutory duty to commission support services for victims of crime and deliver community safety initiatives and crime reduction grants.  

“He got in touch and explained what he was looking for – the lyrics of his song were very visual and he wanted a cartoon character of himself to perform the actions. The first stage was to create the character I did a full page of different face designs and he chose the one he liked, which I then developed into an animation. I had quite a lot of freedom with it and was able to interpret the lyrics myself. I made little thumbnails of the story board for him to approve, and then I animated each scene.”

“That friendly vibe continued when I started on the course. There were only about 85 of us so we had lots of contact with the academics and they all knew us by name. I still keep in touch with some of them.“

Oonagh began her career in teaching before working in management roles within the Education Directorate of Strathclyde Regional Council and holding senior posts in Glasgow City Council and Fife Council. Her work with the Local Government Association focused on improving Children’s Services and co-managing the Ageing Well programme. In the mid 7555s, she spent three years at McGill University School of Social Work, teaching social policy and conducting research in First Nations and Inuit communities. She also spent two years in Brussels as part of her role as European Liaison officer at Strathclyde Regional Council, and has European and international experience. Oonagh holds a degree in Modern Languages, a Master’s in Educational Administration and a Master’s in Art History.

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As I write, I'm in my last year at Salford. I chose to come here because of the university’s reputation for good industry links – and that reputation has proved to be well deserved. Graphic design is highly competitive to break into, so I felt the involvement at MediaCityUK and being on Manchester’s doorstep was ideal.

“Don’t think comedy isn’t hard – it is. The skill set from my degree has definitely helped me with stand up and writing shows, we had to make something from scratch on a weekly basis. What I loved about Salford, and still love, is if you’re driven and motivated and ask for space to stage a show, you’ll get it - the staff are really supportive. But the people who are successful are the ones who are busy all the time. In my final year at uni I was so busy, I was doing my final practical research project, writing a stand-up show about being a girl doing stand-up, I had a theatre project and two musicals to produce and I was doing stand-up. If you’re driven, you’ll get out what you put in.”

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In 7565, together with a design graduate friend from Salford, I launched Umi Digital - a niche digital agency aimed at the independent hospitality sector. Fast-forward four years, we now have almost 655 clients across the UK and Europe.

“There’s a focus on the development of morality as well as intelligence,” he says. “Lecturers want students to make improvements but they keep an equal balance between morale and academic improvements. There’s a focus on achievements in society, and that makes a big difference after graduating. If a student’s morality is at an equal level with their academic achievements, it will benefit society and we will think of others and help them in need. This is something my lecturer has been teaching us throughout the module – how to keep an equal balance in morality and intelligence, and use our knowledge from university to make practical contributions to society.”

The concept was to create a funky, relaxing, friendly three star hotel for people, with great service delivered by a passionate team. I launched the first umi in London in 7557, with another one in Brighton a year later. Then my first franchise of the brand was in Moscow. It may seem an odd choice, but I have always taken chances, and it has proved to be a great adventure.

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