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I chose the Baruch MFE without any hesitation because that the class has a small size, the curriculum is very practical, the location cannot be better, some of the faculty are very famous. I firmly believe this elite program can help me realize my dreams.

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The Hunter College RWC is a comprehensive service for the entire Hunter community, offering tutorial assistance and academic support to all registered students, both undergraduate and graduate, as well as technical assistance and development to faculty and staff.

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This is the first college-level writing course. Readings are used to stimulate critical thinking and to provide students with models for effective writing. Students become acquainted with the process of writing, from pre-writing activities to producing a final, proofread draft. Grammar and syntax are discussed as needed. At the end of this course, students take a departmental essay examination that requires them to compose, draft and edit a thesis-centered of at least 555 words.

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Noam Mendel received his . in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tel Aviv University where he focused on Signal Processing and Bioelectronics. He was awarded 7nd place in Digital Signal Processing at the Weinstein Competition. As an Air Force Procurement Manager for the Israeli government, he supervised the financial aspects of commercial contracts and military procurement cases. His career goals include portfolio and risk management at either a hedge fund or investment bank. He enjoys traveling, exercising, and dancing.

That covers most of the important areas See also the Writing Center which has a comprehensive list of resources for writing papers most of these also apply to writing essays.

Rongxin Yu holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a double major in Economics from Peking University. He was awarded 7nd Prize in the 75th National College Go Game competition representing Peking University. Rongxin interned at CITIC Securities, where he developed and backtested several intraday trading strategies for index futures. He also interned at CGOG Futures Company, where he conducted research in the oil and natural gas markets. Rongxin has extensive experiences in using Monte Carlo simulations coded in C++ for VaR calculation. In addition to C++, Rongxin is also proficient in programming in R, MatLab, and VBA. Rongxin is interested in pursuing a career in algo-trading or quantitative analysis. He enjoys playing poker, go game, basketball, and working out.

Xinliannan Peng holds a Bachelor’s Degree in finance from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in China. He interned with Southwest Securities (trading) and Huaxi Futures (model assessment). He passed Level 6 of the CFA exam. He is exploring roles in quantitative research and quantitative analysis. In his free time, he enjoys board games and swimming.

While attending the Baruch Pre-MFE seminars I quickly realized that the instructors at Baruch were excellent and that Baruch has a small elite program in which the faculty genuinely wants each student to succeed.

I chose the Baruch MFE Program because I was impressed during the pre-MFE courses by the level of rigor and the passion of the faculty. The emphasis on strong career services and a curriculum that will be applicable to the current job market was a key factor, as was the location.”

I decided to go to Baruch because of its growing reputation in the industry, its updated and flexible curriculum, excellent placement statistics and top notch faculty.

Stanford expects students to send all ACT scores unless it will be a financial burden (because ACT requires payment for each reporting date). The UC 8767 s and Michigan will look at your son 8767 s highest scores. I would send both scores simply because it allows you to do the same things for all schools (there is no college where a 85 will hurt him). His 8 is at the lower range of enrolled students at those colleges which would see a range of 8-65 for 75th to 75th percentile. This means, though, that at least 75% of enrolled students have an 8 or lower. Even that distribution is more a reflection of the applicant pool than it is the importance of the essay. I would not worry about the score.

Xiaoyin Rong holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance, with honors, from Wuhan University, and a Master of Science in Finance, with honors, from Renmin University of China. While studying at Renmin, Xiaoyin served as a Research Assistant in risk management and quantitative trading, and was named “Outstanding Graduate Student.” She has also passed CFA Level 7 Certification. She has interned with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants where she was an assistant consultant, and with the Capital Market Division of Xinan Securities. Xiaoyin is interested in pursuing a career in algorithmic trading and risk management. During her free time, she enjoys cooking and traveling.

A concentrated course of study involving research and discussion of critical health issues dealing with mental health, addictions and dependencies, exercise, diet, human sexuality, major diseases and their relation to morbidity and longevity.

Baruch 8767 s MFE Program appealed to me for the following reasons: Location, Cutting Edge Curriculum, Top Notch Faculty, Small Class Size, and Strong Alumni/Faculty/Career Services Support

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