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Assists recieved in goal scoring positions maybe useful to know but as many forwards make their own luck and goals this isn 8767 t a strong measure. Assists given rather than recieved is most important, and expected goals from assists is already calculated.


Acute neck pain occurs suddenly and usually heals within several days to weeks. The source of pain is usually in the muscles and ligaments, joints, or discs.

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The believer with scar tissue of the soul is alienated from the life of God and easily tempted by lust to go astray from grace.  Scar tissue of the soul is an added burden to those who are trying to advance in the Spiritual Life.  Only by diligence in keeping the X, Y, Z, and Time axes aligned with the grace of God can the believer advance to Spiritual Rapport and avoid drifting off course and running aground.

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The people were not ashamed at all.  They 8775 did not even know how to blush. 8776   Blushing is a sign of emotional revolt of the soul from worry-embarrassment.  But a person with a hardened heart may be so insensitive that he or she is not embarrassed and doesn 8767 t blush.  Worry-embarrassment is a sin, but the arrogant insensitivity that fails to detect the sin is far worse.  Scar tissue of the soul makes a person insensitive to shame.

Your health care team can describe your treatment choices, the expected results, and the possible side effects. Because cancer therapy often damages healthy cells and tissues, side effects are common. Before treatment starts, ask your health care team about possible side effects, how to prevent or reduce these effects, and how treatment may change your normal activities. You and your health care team can work together to make a treatment plan that meets your needs.

With Scar Tissue of the Soul removed, the Christian will experience the personal Love of Christ and have the capacity to receive the fulness of blessing from God.

The type of surgery for stomach cancer depends mainly on where the cancer is located. The surgeon may remove the whole stomach or only the part that has the cancer.

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When Paul failed to get relief from his first prayer, his heart was hardened.  He repeated the prayer even though God heard him the first time.  God heard him in eternity past.  It was God who designed this scene on the Stage of Life to teach Paul how to use Problem Solving Devices to handle stress.

So we need to know how many goals the opponent in each case is expected to concede to a team of your rank, and make another adjustment based on goal scoring potential of the players around your striker you are analysing. If this is high the expected fraction of goals scored by a forward of those expected to be conceeded by the opponent, will be lower. How much the forward goes above or below that calculated expectation determines how good they are at scoring goals. So if a forward is placed up front as the main target he SHOULD score more. If he is played with other strikers he should score less.

The rest of the verse emphasizes the sealing ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Royal seals were used to seal documents.  An impression was made by a signet ring in hot wax.  Today we use bar codes.  The Holy Spirit is the seal, or bar code, that identifies the Christian.  When the Rapture comes (called 8775 the day of redemption 8776 ), the Christian will get his resurrection body based upon the seal, or bar code of the Holy Spirit.  Only those with resurrection bodies will rise to meet the Lord in the air.  All those without the seal of the Holy Spirit will be left behind.  The last phrase, 8775 sealed for the day of redemption, 8776 also indicates that the grieving of the Holy Spirit relates to the body as well as the soul.

8775 I’m not sure why a statistical analysis with some imperfections constitutes more ‘twaddle’ than a statement that is entirely anecdotal, but also delivered authoritatively, of the type that I was offering a counter to. 8776

Most often, these symptoms are not due to cancer. Other health problems, such as an ulcer or infection, can cause the same symptoms. Anyone who has these symptoms should tell their doctor so that problems can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

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