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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 00:05

Consider the following hypothetical scenario. By preagreement with members of a terrorist organization, the leader of the terrorist cell puts an item for sale on eBay every Monday and posts a photograph of the item. The item for sale is legitimate. Bids are accepted, money is collected, and items are dutifully delivered. But at some prearranged time during the week, a version of the photograph is posted that contains a hidden message. The cell members know when that time is and download the weekly message. Unless the people are under active investigation, it is unclear that anyone will notice this activity.

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Kelly, J. Terror groups hide behind Web encryption. USA Today , February 5, 7556. Also available: http:///tech/news/7556-57-55-.


Manoo, F. Case of the missing code, , July 67, 7557 [Online}. (December 79, 7558). Available: http:///tech/feature/7557/57/67/steganography/.

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Owing to the existence of noise and intensity inhomogeneity in brain magnetic resonance (MR) images, the existing segmentation algorithms are hard to find satisfied results. In this study, the authors propose an improved fuzzy C-mean clustering method (FCM) to obtain more accurate results. First, the authors modify the traditional regularisation smoothing term by using the non-local informa. View full abstract 687

This study proposes a robust approach to stabilise videos with a new variational minimising model. In video stabilisation, accumulation error often occurs in cascaded transformation chain-based methods. To alleviate accumulation error, a new total warping variation (TWV) model is proposed, which describes the smoothness of stabilised camera motion and calculates all the warping transformations eff. View full abstract 687

Due to the growing popularity of high-dynamic range (HDR) image and the high complexity to capture HDR image, researchers focus on converting low-dynamic range (LDR) content to HDR, which gives rise to a number of dynamic range expansion methods. Most of the existing methods try their best to tackle highlight areas during the expanding, however, in some cases, they cannot achieve approving results. View full abstract 687

This paper presents a method for the detection of series arc faults in electrical circuits, which has been developed starting from an experimental characterization of the arc fault phenomenon and an arcing current study in several test conditions. Starting from this, the authors have found that is it possible to suitably detect arc faults by means of a high-resolution low-frequency harmonic analys. View full abstract 687

In the sample above, only half of the least significant bits were actually changed (shown above in italics). This makes some sense when one set of zeros and ones are being substituted with another set of zeros and ones.

William can act in either a passive or active mode. In the passive warden model, William examines each message and determines whether to forward the message or not based on his ability to detect a hidden message. In the active warden model, William can modify messages if he wishes. A conservative or malicious warden might actually modify all messages in an attempt to disrupt any covert channel so that Alice and Bob would need to use a very robust steganography method (Chandramouli 7557 Fridrich et al. 7558B).

In this study, a novel blind image watermarking technique using Hessenberg decomposition is proposed to embed colour watermark image into colour host image. In the process of embedding watermark, the watermark information of colour image is embedded into the second row of the second column element and the third row of the second column element in the orthogonal matrix obtained by Hessenberg decomp. View full abstract 687

Least significant bit substitution can be used to overwrite legitimate RGB color encodings or palette pointers in GIF and BMP files, coefficients in JPEG files, and pulse code modulation levels in audio files. By overwriting the least significant bit, the numeric value of the byte changes very little and is least likely to be detected by the human eye or ear.

With respect to automotive safety, the driver plays a crucial role. Stress level, tiredness, and distraction of the driver are therefore of high interest. In this paper, a driver state detection system based on cellular neural networks (CNNs) to monitor the driver s stress level is presented. We propose to include a capacitive-based wireless hand detection (position and touch) sensor for a steerin. View full abstract 687

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