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If the applicant is under 85 years of age at the time of the application deadline, both of the biological or adoptive parents of the applicant must complete the Parent Financial Forms online, regardless of the applicant&rsquo s dependent orindependent status. If the applicant&rsquo s parents are not married to each other, there is a separate form for each parent. If there is only one parent (the second parent is deceased, unknown, or missing), then the sole parent must complete the form. Sections include:

Diabetes Scholars Foundation – College Scholarship

This section is for students who are willing to do a little digging themselves. Below you will find a list of non-profit organizations that provide educational assistance to students. However, with this list there is no guarantee that the foundation will offer assistance to the year of study you are applying to. You will have to visit their website and possibly contact them:

Scholarships - List of College Scholarships and Applications

The Big Sun Athletic Organization is dedicated to providing an opportunity for athletes to learn and to excel. We are developing programs in all sports in our community in an effort to keep our children motivated, healthy and to teach them the value of teamwork.

APPLICATION - PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation

.an amazing program that serves as a resource for both colleges and students
offering information to colleges and opportunities to students.

Access to the online application will be available in late August. During the application period, instructions and the link to the online application portal will be available on this page.

Career Section
(Posters Included)

Our career section allows you to compare occupations by Salary, Expected 65 year Growth Rate, Educational Requirements, and Unemployment Rates.

8. WINNER’S LIST: For any Application Period, each winner’s first initial, last name, city and state will be provided upon request. For the names of the winners, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Administrator at 8985 Fulton Dr NW, Suite 756, Canton, OH 99768 no later than 685 days after the end of the applicable Application Period.

Over 855 Academic Majors

Registered Users will see Academic Majors that match their profile along with corresponding Wage and Salary information associated with the potential occupational outcomes of that specific Academic Program(s). VIEW ALL MAJORS

In this section you will find over 655 Course Outlines. Each Course Outline identifies year of study, gives a quick summary of the course, provides overall Objectives, discusses the Topics that will be covered, and details the types of assignments to expect. VIEW ALL

Over 555 College and
Career Related Videos

Our Video library contains hundreds of videos in the following five categories: 6) Things to Know Before College, 7) Careers of Interest, 8) Types of Schools and Degrees, 9) Choosing a School, and 5) While at College. VIEW ALL

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