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Be creative about the way you research your employer market sector(s). First decide on the sector(s), and what you want to do.

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Remember that many professional people use quite a lot of instinct in recruiting people. They are therefore sensitive to anything that does not seem quite right.

International Business Etiquette and Manners for Global

Keep your CV and cover letter simple. Your CV and cover letter must be concise and easy to read. Your CV and your cover letter must sell you, must be tailored to what the reader is looking for.

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Here is a free CV template (doc file - MSWord) - and same CV template for OpenOffice: free CV template (odt file) - single sheet format, UK A9 paper size - into which you can insert your own details - adapt the template to suit your purposes. Refer to the CV words and phrases examples below to help you develop and craft your own special CV. Here is the CV teaching/learning guide (pdf).

8. When you write a sentence that is not in traditional subject-verb form. 5665 Your grammar and spelling checker expects standard word order, and it may flag correct sentences like these: 5665

Examples of effective CV self-describing words and phrases : - personal profile and capabilities - experience

As highlighted by the serious security breach at a major jobs website in January 7559, exposing the personal data of millions of jobseekers - consider how much personal information you provide or include in any CV uploaded to a website.

A role that has not been fully or completely specified offers great opportunity for the successful candidate to prove they'd be able to define and shape the role to benefit the employer organization in accordance with the employer's needs, aims, challenges, priorities, etc.

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